Arctic Runner Calcium Chloride Blend
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Melts Ice Fast!

When the Arctic winds blow, the temperature drops, and snow arrives, you need to clear snow and ice from your surfaces. Keep on your feet with Arctic Runner!

Arctic Runner is a blend of the most effective ice melting agents around: sodium chloride crystals, calcium chloride pellets, and magnesium chloride pellets. The pellets get to work even in the brutal cold, generating heat to jump start the melting process. Arctic Runner's powerful blend requires fewer applications for excellent results. It is safer on concrete and vegetation than rock salt, when used correctly. Arctic Runner also contains a corrosion inhibitor to help reduce corrosion damage.

Get some Artic Runner and make your surfaces safe this winter!

Product Benefits

  • More effective than rock salt alone so you can use less
  • With the power of both calcium chloride pellets and magnesium chloride pellets
  • Safer on concrete and safer for the environment when used as directed
  • Corrosion inhibitor added to reduce damage to metal surfaces
  • Effectively melts snow and ice down to -15°F

Product Safety

Click here to view the material safety data sheet for this product in PDF format.